Sandton Sinai People are driven by a mission to build a world-class school in Sandton, that will provide the highest level of education and development with a Jewish atmosphere that is authentic and warm.

Sandton Sinai is the obvious choice for parents who are not prepared to compromise on the quality of secular schooling for their children, but who insist on a comprehensive Jewish education as well.

Educating children to lead successful lives is the task at hand. Excellent academics and clear values must be at the core of such an educational philosophy. A successful life begins with good finances as its platform but only really translates into success if that platform can be utilized and directed into a life that is deeply meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful.

Our philosophy is sourced from the Torah, our guide and teacher in all areas of life. It is encapsulated in a Mishna from ‘ethics of our fathers’ that is now our school motto:

“Without Torah there is no ‘Derech Eretz’. Without ‘Derech Eretz’, there is no Torah”

The Mishna presents success in life as a double edged sword.

Derech Eretz is the Hebrew term for ‘Earning a living’ – Our sages implore us: Without an adequate income earning ability, you will have no Torah in your life, for poverty denies one the finances, time and peace of mind needed to live and learn Torah.

On the other hand, “If there is no Torah what value is there in ‘Derech Eretz’ ” – making a good living is not success. How you utilize those resources is the mark of a successful person. As such, without Torah in one’s life, what purpose is there to all the toil even if you have a successful livelihood?

Sandton Sinai’s goal is to ensure its children will flourish in life by possessing the perfect balance in both – We are committed to exceptional standards in academic education and at the same time, we will nurture the natural love for Torah every Jewish child is born with, to ensure they grow up with a passion to learn, live and love Torah.

We strive to produce students that are a cut above the rest, with the academic skill to tackle the world and the Torah sensitivity to do so, in an honest, respectful and engaging manner. We want our students to graduate with a passion and motivation to become someone special.

Nursery School

Over and above the daily skills development program offered in the school there are various enrichment activities to broaden your child educational experience. These include language ring, music and movement, little champs and Shabbat rings. We also have an excellent in-house speech therapist and physiotherapist – sessions take place during school hours.

Our wonderful library, with both religious and secular books, is available for your child to use.
Children have an opportunity to take home different books as least once a month.

Our outstanding teachers nurture a thriving, happy well –rounded child –a child who is finely
educated, self-assured and respectful.

Grade R

In preparation for your child’s entry into Grade 1, they are expected to have acquired the necessary social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills to enable them to cope with the challenge of learning to read and write.

At Sandton Sinai we teach Numeracy, Literacy (pre – reading skills) and Life Skills, which are essential for Grade 1 preparation. This ensures a confident and well adjusted child.