Comments & anecdotes from our special teachers:

TregerManaging Director: Rabbi Justin Treger

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a steady increase of Torah growth among families in the Sandton area. We’ve seen our congregants form special, lasting relationships and grow spiritually in our shuls. However the educational predicament arises inevitably and as our Sandton community escalates its Torah observance, parents relocate, to pursue more Torah-focused education for their children on the other side of the highway. Sandton has been desperate for a school that could stem this tide and simultaneously stimulate the Jewish growth of a wider group of Sandtonians.

Like every successful project, this has been a journey. A journey with a mission to create a community based school that will offer a substantial Jewish education to a wide range of Sandton parents.

Our now, carefully designed curriculum, has been tailored to attract 3 primary parent types:

Shomrei Shabbat families who, without Sandton Sinai, would have made the great shlep to Glenhazel to educate their children,
Parents who may not yet be keeping Shabbat or Kashrut but want their children to embrace Jewish values and have the skills that give them the confi­dence and competence to flourish in every aspect of Jewish communal life.
A traditional parent who wants a down-to-earth value system for their child’s education.

We are well aware that each of these parents has excellent educational options available to them. Sandton Sinai’s success hinges on it being a world apart from any other school – from the academic standards we hold ourselves to, the value system we impart to our students and the thirst for growth and knowledge we inspire in them.

The leadership team responsible for making this a reality are a superbly talented combination of Sandton rabbi’s, teachers and parents who are committed to producing the ultimate educational experience. We have a simple mission – To build the best Jewish Day School in South Africa.

We intend doing this by investing in the best, from the facility we custom build and the way we equip it, to the staff we hire and the students we attract.

The fruits of our labour are already being seen with our flourishing pre-primary school which opened its doors in January 2013 and already boasts over 50 kids. We look forward to more of the same with the opening of our brand new primary school facility in January 2014, home to our very first Grade 1 class.

See you at Sinai

MelindaPrimary School Principal: Melinda Chazen

I feel privileged and extremely excited to be principal of the new Sandton Sinai Primary School. I am looking forward to working together with Rabbi Treger to actualize the wonderful vision of providing the Sandton Jewish community with a school that will equip pupils with an outstanding Education that integrates Torah values and academic studies.

My wish for Sandton Sinai is that, together with parents, our nurturing environment will bring out each pupil’s full potential. My aim is that every learner will become a well rounded, caring, balanced individual with a positive self esteem who in the future will be a shining example to others.

I believe that with Hashem’s blessing Sandton Sinai will grow in numbers to greatly enhance the Sandton Jewish community with Torah Values and Mitzvot.

ShiraNursery School Principal: Shira Finkel

It is such a privilege to be part of this exciting new transformation.I believe our school has a heart and soul like no other. It is a place where our children are nurtured, educated and given the confidence to succeed in all they do. I am honoured to be heading a nursery school of such a calibre and work with teachers that are at the top in their fields. Seeing our happy children arrive at school each day, glowing with excitement to embrace the day ahead, really makes me feel proud.

With all our school has achieved, I believe there is still limitless potential for us to grow. Now that we’re part of a bigger educational plan, I look forward to seeing our school soar even higher.

Children need to be in an environment that protects, yet prepares, them for the fast-paced technological advancements of our time. At Sandton Sinai, we embrace the educational trends that have emerged as a result of these advancements and will prepare our children while in school, for the exciting futures in store for all of them. The students of Sandton Sinai will now have the opportunity to continue through our school system to primary school, in a seamless transition, with a shared ethos and set of values. I look forward to a blessed and exciting future, continued success and the drive to achieve the unimaginable.

NechamaNechama Kraines: School Secretary

What do you enjoy most about your interaction with the parent body of the school?

I love interacting with vibrant and positive parents and children, and helping to build a Torah environment in Sandton. The parents are friendly, warm and very dedicated to the development of the school and their children.

What do you believe is your most significant contribution to the school?

I believe in the school and of its importance in the Jewish community. As the secretary, I feel satisfied that I am helping things run smoothly so that teachers can maximize their interaction with the children.

ChiefChief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

On behalf of the South African Jewish community, I am delighted to extend the warmest mazeltov to the visionary and motivated community leaders and parents, who have come together to create Sandton Sinai School. This school is an exciting new initiative for Sandton Jewry, and indeed for our whole community.

It reflects the dynamic growth of the whole area from a Jewish point of view, and has been born in the spirit of Unity with the rabbis and shuls of the Sandton area, working together to make it possible. Jewish education for our children is at the heart and soul of any thriving Jewish community and Sandton Sinai promises to be a source of positive energy, development and inspiration for the families and shuls of the area.

May Hashem bless this wonderful initiative with many years of abundant and sustained success in educating a new generation of South African Jews.