Primary – Maths Exhibition

The Maths in our Environment Exhibition exceeded all expectations. Sandton Sinai Primary aims to have an integrated curriculum for our learners, so this Exhibition showed how learners had learnt about the concepts of Maths across the various curriculum. In Kodesh for example, the concept of Gematria was explored. A scale was made for the month of Elul, so learners can fill the one side of the scale with all their mitzvoth they do and see how it outweighs their avairot. In Afrikaaans, learners learnt the names of numbers; and in English, pupils had to write about concepts they had learnt in maths.

Our Grade R, 1, 2 and 3 learners all displayed projects at the exhibition which related to how maths is used in our environment. Grade 3 learners tackled a menu in a restaurant and worked out costs of items in terms of the metric measurements. The Grade 2 learners’ projects dealt with money and different currencies in the our world. Grade 1 learners used different shapes for their projects. Grade R projects covered the concepts of shapes, diagonal lines, ordinals number formation pairs and symmetry, to name a few.

In developing their self-esteem, the learners had an opportunity to explain their work to their parents, family and friends. Overall the projects were of an outstanding level and the teachers were impressed the creativity of the learners.