Extra Murals

Our Sport Philosophy

Sport is an essential component in the educational development of a well-rounded child. While we don’t expect every student to develop into a world class athlete, we do see them developing essential life skills on the field.

Through sport they learn how much more effective one can be when one works in a team committed to the same single minded goal. Children learn to handle defeat and disappointment. We hope that with the excellent sports coaches Sandton Sinai employs, they will enjoy the sweet taste of victory and learn how to win with humility.

Sports also provides a crucial arena for those with less academic talent, to have a place where they can flourish and succeed.


Our facilities include:

  • Sports field
  • Swimming pool
  • 6 tennis courts
  • 4 squash courts
  • Netball court


Sandton Sinai offers a variety of after school sport to our children. Below is the list of extra
murals offered:

Nursery School

  • Soccer
  • Karate
  • Gym Kidz
  • Ballet
  • Drumming

We also offer an aftercare service supervised by our play school teacher. This is held
Monday through Thursday from 12:30pm-3:00pm and till 2:00pm on Friday. Your child is
bound to have a fun filled afternoon.

Primary School

The boys will be offered cricket, soccer, athletics and tennis – initially taking the form of mini bakers cricket and 6 a side soccer leagues in Grades 1-3 and thereafter, standard inter-school games.

Girls will be offered netball, athletics and tennis.

We will also have an in-house dance/drama/ music studio for students to take full advantage of our cultural curriculum.