Jewish Values

Empowering children to become successful individuals, who live a meaningful life as contributing members of society, grounded in authentic Jewish values.


To create an exceptional educational environment, where outstanding teachers kindle in our learners an authentic love for living Torah. Sandton Sinai is a school that nurtures its learners into impeccably balanced individuals whose academic excellence, and genuine care and respect for others shines through.



Sandton Sinai boasts a brand new, custom-built campus designed to fill each child with the excitement of learning. Majestic buildings and bustling, colourful playgrounds, manicured lawns, large north-facing classrooms filled with light, colour and the latest technology, all provide an environment conducive to learning and growing. The campus features fully equipped Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy rooms, sports fields, tennis and netball courts, squash courts and a swimming pool.



Sandton Sinai’s unique environment brings out each child’s full potential from our Playschool and Nursery School, and continued into our Primary School. Our exceptional teachers nurture a thriving, happy, well-rounded child - a child who is finely educated, self-assured and respectful. Through the use of innovative teaching techniques learning becomes engaging, captivating and relevant.


Rabbi Justin Treger

Managing Director  

In 2011, we embarked on a dream to build the best Jewish day school in the heart of Sandton.  It would take a child from 18 months all the way up to Grade 7 and give them everything a parent could dream of for their child - the best academics, an incredible thirst for learning and a passion and love for being Jewish. We aim to equip them with all the skills needed to feel at home in any Jewish environment and with the ambition to one day lead the Jewish community proudly, lovingly and capably. I am proud to say, having watched our pioneering grade ones graduate to high school, that I think we have built the dream. When you step onto our school campus you can feel the palpable energy of love, passion and care.  It is a place like no other, a place which is Sandton Sinai.

Rabbi Warren Goldstein

Chief Rabbi of South Africa

The remarkable success of Sandton Sinai is so heart-warming. It has established itself as one of the outstanding Torah schools in our community and is a beacon of light to the entire Sandton Jewish community. Its overflowing success, through the blessings of Hashem, has been achieved through the visionary leadership of Rabbi Justin Treger and the outstanding excellence and commitment of the professional staff of Sandton Sinai. It is also due to the pioneering spirit of the parent body of the school, whose children are the heart and soul of this special school. I have personally experienced the wonderful spirit at the school and how it gives expression so beautifully and movingly to our eternal Torah values. We are blessed as a community to have such an outstanding school as Sandton Sinai. May Hashem continue to bless it with ongoing success.