Our Vision

Empowering children to become successful individuals who live a meaningful life as contributing members of society grounded in authentic Jewish values.


Innovative teaching methods taught by experienced, passionate and committed  teachers , enables each learner to realise his or her own potential. We have a generous teacher/learner ratio and unique curriculum delivery that caters for a range of learning styles. The School offers a supportive, warm environment that develops students confidence, imagination and skills in both academic and social spheres. We embrace families from the entire spectrum of religious commitment and see the diversity as a crucial component of developing well rounded, respectful and non judgemental students. Each family and each student is valued for their individuality. Sandton Sinai cultivates an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and cooperation, embracing all learners in a nurturing environment. 


We produce students that are a cut above the rest, with the academic skills to tackle the world but the sensitivity to do so in an honest and engaging manner. Sandton Sinai educators are driven by a mission to build a world-class school in Sandton, that provides the highest level of education within an authentic and warm Jewish atmosphere. Sandton Sinai is the obvious choice for traditional and observant Jewish parents, looking for a carefully designed academic curriculum and comprehensive Jewish education that seamlessly integrate into each other.

Torah With
Derech Eretz

Educating children to lead successful lives is the task at hand. Excellent academics and clear values must be at the core of such an educational philosophy. Our philosophy is sourced from the Torah, our guide and teacher in all areas of life. It is encapsulated in a statement from Ethics of our Fathers that is now our school motto: “Without Torah there is no ‘Derech Eretz’. Without ‘Derech Eretz’, there is no Torah.” .