At Sandton Sinai, everything revolves around 'Excellence, Community, Tradition'. Family involvement is key and begins from the moment you visit our campuses.

Lara Salkinder

At Sandton Sinai everything revolves around 'Excellence, Community and Tradition'. Family involvement is key, and underpins a child's ability to grow and develop to his or her full potential.  As a Jewish school, we develop the whole person within a strong moral and ethical framework. Our excellent academic curriculum and clear values are at the core of our educational philosophy.  The Primary School curriculum is aligned to the CAPS document (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) which provide the framework for teaching and learning in all South African schools. At Sandton Sinai we develop our curriculum above and beyond the expectations outlined in the CAPS document. I am proud of the way our students grow into a responsible and caring community of young people, ready for both the academic as well as the personal challenges of high school. We are committed to employ only experienced, qualified teachers who have demonstrated excellence in their previous schools, and to ensure that they are supervised by experienced administrators who assure that teachers provide a creative, caring and challenging environment. Through a generous student/teacher ratio, and curriculum delivery that caters for a range of learning styles, the Sandton Sinai offers a supportive environment that allows learners to develop confidence, imagination and skills, in both academic and social spheres. We look forward to meeting you and your children.



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Extra murals
and therapy

We off the following extra murals :
Tennis, Cricket, Table Tennis, Soccer, Coding, Netball, Yoga, Swimming, Art, Chess
We also offer the following in-house Therapies - Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy

As parents, I feel we are constantly making mistakes and second guessing our choices. We try get it right most of the time and for the rest, we learn to be forgiving of our failures and move forward. The one parenting choice I have never regretted, however, was our choice of school for our boys. I am confident that as a mom, I am giving my boys the best possible chance to win at life🙂 The superior educators, the broad-minded curriculum, exquisite facilities and beautiful energy that exudes our school and it's learners is like nothing I have ever experienced. I feel truly privileged to be a part of the Sandton Sinai family and thank Hashem for guiding us in our choice of education.

Shevel Family

We love how our children value themselves, respect their educators, and show kindness to their friends. This behavior is modeled and celebrated at Sandton Sinai.
We are confident that our children are being educated with the knowledge, values and tools that allow them to be their best selves - today as children, and as adults in future.

Caryn Sher