I believe our school has a heart and soul like no other. It’s a place where our children are nurtured, educated and given the confidence to succeed in all they do.

Shira Finkel


I am honoured to be heading a Nursery School of such a calibre and work with teachers at the top of their fields. Seeing our happy children arrive at school each day, glowing with excitement to embrace the day ahead, really makes me feel proud. Children need to be in an environment that protects, yet prepares them for the fast-paced technological advancements of our time. At Sandton Sinai, we embrace the educational trends that have emerged as a result of these advancements and will prepare our children for the exciting futures in store for all of them. The students of Sandton Sinai have the opportunity to continue through our school system to Primary School, in a seamless transition, with a shared ethos and set of values.


Sandton Sinai uses state of the art play facilities making outside time at school exciting and enjoyable.

Light, airy north-facing classrooms, library, soft play, sandpit, bike track, jungle gyms and much more.
In-house activities are used to provide our learners with a holistic, all encompassing education.

These include, music and movement rings, extension rings, media, weekly baking, weekly conversational Hebrew, lessons from the Parsha and Shabbat rings.

Extra murals
and therapy

We offer in-house:
Occupational Therapy, Physio Therapy and Speech Therapy as well as the following extra-murals: soccer, hip hop, yoga, art, pottery, Tumbling Tigers, tennis and ballet.

A supervised aftercare programme called Kids Club is offered. This is held Monday through Thursday from 12:30pm - 3:00pm and until 2:00pm on Friday. 12:30pm - 3:00pm and till 2:00.

We’ve had our 2 little girls at the Sandton Sinai play school from 16 and 18 months old respectively. They are now 5 and 3 years old and our baby is starting in September. For me the best measure is that my girls have never once not wanted to go to school. Not only are they stimulated and inspired but they are nurtured and loved. The parent body is warm and cares for each other. The teachers are excellent and so passionate. The Yiddishkeit and values they get from the school are outstanding. At the end of the day as parents we can confidently view the school as a true partner in raising our kids.

Varanna Dogan

Sandton Sinai is the hidden gem in Sandton. From the tender age of 2, my twin girls have been immersed in the ethos and philosophy of both the nursery and primary schools. I have seen 2 little toddlers flourish academically together with a strong sense of Jewish values and pride. The teaching staff are disciplined, yet caring at the same time, engaging one-on-one with each learner in the classroom. The school facilities are maintained impeccably, and there is an ongoing effort to build a robust extracurricular programme. I am so confident that this amazing foundational and intermediate schooling experience will stand them in excellent stead for their high school careers.

Kerri Marcow